1.75" Wide Shrunken American Bison Gun Belt

All photos on this page are currently of 1.5" wide belts, but 1.75" photos will be coming soon!

We now offer Beltman gunbelts made from American Bison hides.  During the tanning process, the hides are "shrunken" which gives them a gorgeous pebbled texture.  Backed by bullhide, with our woven polyester stiffener between the layers (included at no charge) this belt is stiff and durable enough for even the most demanding concealed carry applications.

Finished to the highest level of craftsmanship, a Beltman American Bison belt is sophisticated enough to be worn to a formal event while serving as a world class gun belt!

Many holsters slots are already cut for 1-¾", and some jeans and work pants have loops that can accommodate a 1-¾" wide belt, but many do not, and VERY FEW (if any) dress pants will accommodate a belt this wide and thick.  The potential problem arises where the tip of the belt overlaps itself after the buckle - while many belt loops can easily handle ONE layer of a 1.75" wide by .25" thick belt, they may not be able to accommodate the SECOND layer, where the tip of the belt is tucked (after buckling) into the first belt-loop on your pants.  So please check the loops on your pants carefully to make sure this belt will work for you. 

All belts come with 7 holes on 3/4" centers for maximum adjustability.

Don't order your pants-waist size!  Please carefully follow our SIZING GUIDE before ordering your belt.

These belts are custom made, and custom belt orders placed today will ship in approximately 7-10 days.

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