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A CCW belt made to support the weight of a firearm and holster must be a lot sturdier than your average department store belt. It must also be able to carry spare magazines, handcuff cases, flashlights, radios, and just about anything else you can hang on it, without sagging or stretching.  Whether you order your Beltman concealed carry belt made from bullhide, bison, horsehide, shark, or elephant you will receive the highest quality gun belt available.


Beltman bullhide gunbelts are made of TWO LAYERS of relatively heavy weight (6/7 oz.) bullhide.  Horsehide belts are made with horse on the front and bullhide on the back.  Exotic belts (bison, elephant, shark, alligator, etc.) are made with the exotic hide on the front and bullhide on the back (with stiffener included in all exotic belts). These belts don't stretch or sag, and they will take an incredible amount of abuse and still look great!  The outer layer of bullhide and horsehide belts is submersion dyed (not sprayed) for maximum color retention. The inner layer of all belts is natural bull hide and heavily waxed. The two layers are permanently bonded together with the highest quality adhesive and then carefully stitched together with heavy duty nylon thread, to create an incredibly strong and stiff leather gun belt. And the stitches are partially submerged below the surface of the leather, protecting the thread and extending the life of the belt. Edges are beveled and sealed with a permanent black edge coating. All bullhide and horsehide belts are hand buffed with leather balm and waxed to a gloss finish (elephant belts don't need wax).  A wide variety of buckles are available so that you can choose the look that fits YOUR personal sense of style.


Rugged durability, performance, and style!  We've heard time after time from the owners of these belts: "You people make great gear, and I wear a holster occasionally, but I wear that belt EVERY DAY! This is the finest belt I have ever owned!" and "I can't wear it out, and it always looks GREAT!"


We don't sell these belts specifically for this purpose, and have no medical facts to back this up, but the anecdotal evidence is overwhelming. After a brief break-in period, these belts add a degree of lower-back support that brings SOME relief to sufferers of lower back pain.


Depending on the width and color you choose, these belts will look great with casual clothing or dress wear. Whether you need a CCW gun belt, a dress belt for the office or a special night out, or just a great work belt, Beltman is the right choice.

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