1.75" Wide DOUBLE STITCHED Dual-Layer Bullhide Gun Belt

Buddy, this is a strap! What can you say about a gunbelt like this? WOW! An inch-and-three-quarter wide dual-layer bullhide belt is super strong, and NOW they're available with Double-Stitching. It's tough enough to take anything you can dish out and still look GOOD! Many holsters slots are already cut for 1-¾", and some jeans and work pants have loops that can accommodate a 1-¾" wide belt, but many do not, and VERY FEW (if any) dress pants will accommodate a belt this wide and thick.  The potential problem arises where the tip of the belt overlaps itself after the buckle - while many belt loops can easily handle ONE layer of a 1.75" wide by .25" thick belt, they may not be able to accommodate the SECOND layer, where the tip of the belt is tucked (after buckling) into the first belt-loop on your pants.  So please check the loops on your pants carefully to make sure this belt will work for you. 

All belts come with 7 holes on 3/4" centers for maximum adjustability.

Don't order your pants-waist size!  Please carefully follow our SIZING GUIDE before ordering your belt.

These belts are custom made, and custom belt orders placed today will ship in approximately 7-10 days.

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