No-Buckle Dual-Layer Bullhide Gun Belt

Why a gunbelt with no buckle? We understand that there are those out there that need a high-quality, durable belt without a buckle getting in the way.

Many of those serving in law enforcement wear a buckleless belt underneath their duty rig. Others include mechanics who while bending over a car do not want the possibility of a buckle scratching the car they are working on. We even have a customer who is a UPS delivery man and he likes this belt for similar reasons.

This belt consists of our same dual-layer bull hide straps sewn together and finished to the same high standards as our other bull hide belts.

In place of a buckle the belt is held in place with industrial grade Velcro®.

Unlike our other belts (which have more than one fit hole), these are EXACT FIT.  **  Don't order your pants-waist size!  **  Please carefully follow our SIZING GUIDE before ordering your belt.

These belts are custom made, and our current time-to-ship on custom belt orders is approximately 2 - 2 1/2 weeks.

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