1.25" Wide Horse Hide Gun Belt

Availability of longer horse hides is limited, although shorter pieces are plentiful. We currently have plenty of hides long enough to make horse belts up to about size 35, but if you need a belt larger than size 35, we recommend you choose a different hide (like Bullhide, which makes a great gunbelt), as we can't estimate when we might receive longer horse hides, and you might have to wait SEVERAL months to receive a longer horse hide belt.

Horse hide is a denser material and thus it is more abrasion and moisture resistant. Because the leather is denser, this is the stiffest gunbelt we make. An internal stiffener is rarely necessary on a belt that is already this stiff, but if you want an EXTRA stiff gunbelt, a Horse belt with stiffener is the ticket! Horse hide also lends itself to a greater degree of sheen when polished. Many professionals appreciate the look, quality and durability of horse hide.

A 1 1/4" wide Horse belt is perfect for suit pants or dress slacks of any type. You will always look well dressed and well matched in any of our five available colors. These belts look good with jeans and shorts, too.

Our horse hide belts are made in the same exacting manner as our other dual layer gun belts; that is, an outer layer of submersion dyed horse hide is mated to an un-dyed layer of 7.5oz. bull hide, and stitched together with heavy-duty nylon thread. The belt is then given an incredibly fine level of edge beveling and polishing, making the dual layer belt look like one piece of leather. The final waxing and hand buffing with lambs wool makes this a belt you will be proud to wear for many years to come!

All belts come with 7 holes on 3/4" centers for maximum adjustability.

Don't order your pants-waist size!  Please carefully follow our SIZING GUIDE before ordering your belt.

These belts are custom made, and custom belt orders placed today will ship in approximately 7-10 days.

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